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Sphere of jurisdiction

• Issues on the formation of a company in connection with starting a business and partnership agreements with the other part owners, and participation when planning and implementing share issues and annual general meetings.

• Issues concerning management board work and general liability matters.

• Assistance when buying and selling companies, e.g. in connection with a generation change.

• Issues concerning foundations, economic associations, “normal” associations and tenant-owners' associations.

• We regularly assist companies and owners with their tax audits and tax procedures, and we have extensive experience of defence proceedings where there is a suspicion of financial irregularities.

• Protection of trademarks and other intangible assets that are the property of the company.

• A company has to deal with a range of contractual issues in its everyday work pertaining to company clients and suppliers, such as buying and selling, agent or dealership agreements.

• Issues concerning competition law may arise if you are subject to unfair competition, trademark or company infringement.

• When employing new staff or when the company should, or has to, downsize its personnel, issues concerning labour law arise.

• An essential asset in a company is often its right of tenancy or its property.

• Disputes originating from problems with customers, suppliers or other business relations.

• As a business proprietor you are often isolated and it may be necessary to discuss a variety of issues with someone who is an expert on the company and the regulatory framework. We serve as a sounding board for many companies.

• Where there is a cohabitation arrangement or marriage, you may need to draw up a cohabitant agreement, marriage settlement and will.

• In the event of death we can help you with estate inventory, administration of an estate and division of an inheritance.

• In the event of separation, issues sometimes arise on the custody of, and access to the children, and how the costs for the children's upkeep is to be divided between the parents.

• Separation can sometimes lead to disputes about who is entitled to remain in the jointly-owned dwelling as well as issues on the distribution of joint assets and liabilities.

• When you buy, sell or build your home, a number of issues of a legal nature may arise. For example, faults could be discovered in the assets you have bought or sold. You can also end up in a dispute with the person who constructed your house.

• In the case where you are, or risk being, given notice or fired from your job, it may be solicitous to quickly hire assistance to find out whether the labour law regulations might help you.

• If you have an accident or suffer an injury, it is important to examine the possibility of receiving compensation and damages for your injury and loss of income.

• If you are suspected of a crime or suffer loss as a result of a crime, we can help you exercise your rights.

• We can help you to apply for legal assistance or legal protection.

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