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Solicitor Eric Leuchovius

Works mainly with: commercial law and law of real property and financial family law, specialising in estate distribution following a divorce.

Solicitor since: 1981
Language: English


Service at: Göteborg District Court and in the Court of Appeal covering Skåne and Blekinge, 1973-1977

Solicitor Svend B Christiansen

Works mainly with: commercial law specialising in industrial law, contractual rights and law on sales.

Solicitor since: 1999
Language: English


Judicial service: 1993-1995

Miscellaneous: Member of Arbetsrättsliga föreningen (Employment Law Association) and Svensk idrottsjuridisk förening (Swedish Sports Law Association).

Advokatfirman Concilium HB, Box 2253, 403 14 Göteborg, Sweden, tel +46 31-339 45 00, fax +46 31-711 39 70,